Thursday, February 09, 2012

Inspiration Explosion!

My brain is in a whirlwind! I'm itching to create. I feel like my creative urges have been tucked away on a shelf since Christmas. February has changed all of that!

The LOAD 212 challenge started on the first of the month. While I haven't gotten a page done for each day, I've gotten loads of inspiration from the prompts and the community. Given that the theme of the month is Past Perfect, I've pulled out photos from college and am doing 8x8 layouts for an album. I'll probably just put the pages in however they flow the best and not worry about chronological accuracy. I've gotten spoiled with digital photography and metadata making it easy to know the exact date photos were taken. I've got negatives for pete's sake! I've been putting together layouts using challenges from Scrap N Chat and, more recently my new May Flaum class. Here are the few layouts I've completed as part of LOAD:
Things Change

May Flaum's Field Guide for the Curious Scrapbooker class over at Big Picture Classes officially kicked off today. The classroom was made available yesterday. I got through ALL 26 A to Z videos. May, as usual, did a fantastic job with these videos. They are nice little overviews of all of the things you can do with stuff that is probably already part of most scrapbookers' stash. I can definitely see how this class is going to influence some of my LOAD layouts.

As if LOAD and Field Guide weren't enough, there are CHA winter show reviews all over the net. Talk about yummy goodness and a bounty of inspiration! I better get busy and use my stash (okay, not all of it) so I can restock with some of the fab stuff scheduled to hit the market over the next month. Yippee!

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