Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Misting goodness

This first week of May Flaum's Field Guide class has been a lot of fun. The class is great. The community is wonderful, and of course, May ROCKS! We've spent the week focusing on misting and all liquid-y good inks. I've been playing with mists for quite some time. When the mists come out, everything gets coated! Well, yes, you can have too much of a good thing--but it's fun!

Here are some of the misty goodness that I have produced during the past week:
 These go together in one double layout. I created the background with mist, a stencil, a stamp, distress stain, and embossing powder. So Fun!
A little mist adds interest to plain cardstock.

Teacher Valentines with misted heart-shaped doilies.

Thanks to an order from Two Peas, I finally have a new misting box. I use a 13x13x2 box for all of my misting. It certainly keeps the after crafting clean-up down to a minimum!

Biggest lesson learned this week: Don't try to mist or use distress inks over a gesso based tag. The inks just run all over!

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