Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update on JYC

My December Daily/JYC project has been a bit hit and miss. I've been working on pages in a random order (just like I scrap everything else LOL). Here are some of my completed pages:

This layout is from the WinterWalk at Hershey Gardens. I think that there will probably be another page from this day as it was a busy day with many activities. This one is a hybrid in that I collaged the photos digitally and printed them out to adhere to the page.

The tenth was spent doing a lot of cleaning that I did not log, but I did scrap the time we spent celebrating my mom's birthday.

The 11th was full of Christopher and I baking sugar cookies. The recipe we use has been handed down through generations from my great grandmother. Where it originated, I have no idea. It very well may be from generations prior. Each year I've been working with the recipe to adjust it to fit today's technology and products.

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