Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swirling thoughts

My brain is too full of many different thoughts.

I have been investigating the Project Life concept by Becky Higgins. I've been intrigued--for a long time really. I'm going to give this style a shot and play along with Ali Edwards' Week in Life coming up the week of July 25. This may just be the way to blend everything together: digital, hybrid, traditional scrapping and of course actually using all of that daily ephemera that I collect. This project will be a big commitment and will (I hope) serve as a jump start to get me actually using my blog.

Ridiculous people:
This week Christopher is taking swimming lessons for the very first time. Daddy takes him everyday from 10-11 at the local pool. Of course, the scrapper in me requested that Daddy take his camera one day this week and snap a few photos for me. He did this today. He chose to use his long lens so that he could stand up on the hill and take photos without in anyway distracting or getting in the way of either instructors or students. Seems like an easy thing right? Wrong! A father goes to the pool administrator and complains that "some creep" is photographing his daughters. The pool administrator approaches DH with the concern. I must say that DH handled this very well (much better than I would have). He explained to the administrator that
1.) He was taking pictures of his own son---not someone else's child/ren.
2.) This is a public venue with no restrictions regarding attendance, access, etc. Based on law, there is no expectation of privacy or right to it.
3.) If this parent had concerns about what DH was doing why didn't he approach him and ask him directly.
The administrator went and spoke to the complaining father and of course, DH spent the rest of the swimming lesson getting filthy looks.

Here's my take: The guy is an absolute control freak looking to create drama. He has no sense of community. I'm wondering if this was his first day there or something. DH has been there every single lesson interacting with the other parents--and being sure to connect with the parents of the new friends that our son is making--it was clear that he legitimately belonged there. He didn't just show up and start taking pictures. He didn't take any photos of other children--just our son. If this guy is sooo concerned about his daughters' privacy then why isn't he providing them with privately instructed classes at a privately run, members only facility? It is a community based swimming pool and completely open to the public. I wonder what this guy would've done if DH was working in his capacity as a member of the press and taking photographs for a press release and/or story to highlight what the pool has to offer in attempts to increase its revenue to cover operational costs?

I'm steamed! that I've vented that one I feel better. I still have swirling thoughts but have managed to focus them a bit having dumped that rant.

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