Friday, March 23, 2007


I'm tired--the to the core bone-weary kind of tired. This goofy weather has my fibro in a flair. Christopher is teething; therefore, he hasn't been sleeping straight through the night for most of this week.
My creativity is zapped. I have been working full tilt on designing a PR campaign for our SAAM outreach stuff--whoever decided daisies and "Grow the solution" for the state wide campaign needs to be shot. It'll all come out just fine--there's just so much to do with limited resources and supplies. I've been working on a gift scrapbook at home. Who knew that designing layouts to accommodate future pictures would be so.....draining. It's almost done, but inspiration has flown out the window.
Mother faces emergency surgery today. My grandmother had a stroke last night.
We have hockey all weekend--translated--I have to go home and finish laundry as well as pack for Christopher and I....
Did I mention that I'm tired?

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