Monday, March 26, 2007

Wonderful weekend...

Usually I come back from a weekend as busy as this last one stressed out and tired. Not this past one. I don't know what the difference was exactly. I had a good time in general. We had hockey both nights. Our friends came up from DC and we celebrated the birth of their first grandchild.
Saturday night was Zoo America night at the game. Christopher wasn't sure what to think of the screech owl they had present. He met Ranger Scratch (the mascot for Zoo America). He was intrigued by his whiskers. Christopher got a special treat during the game. Coco (our mascot) was in our section. Christopher got to sit on his lap and watch part of the game--he didn't really want to come back to Mama. He was kicked back and chillin' on Coco's lap--it was so cute.
Sunday was autograph night. We took two teens along (Hannah and Courtney). They were so funny!! I thought Courtney was going to pass out when she got to meet Louie. She already has the pick of the two of them together as her screensaver--so cute!!!
I hope to have many more enjoyable weekends like this--just a lot of fun!

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