Thursday, March 22, 2007

Time flies...

when you have a small child who is growing very quickly. Everyday there's something new. Earlier this week Christopher stood up in his pack and play all by himself. He had a repeat performance today. He was so very proud of himself--rightfully so. I wanted to pick him up and kiss and hug him--but I didn't. I praised him and left him standing there, enjoying the fruits of his labors.
He has two teeth with more on the way. We waited so long for the first one. The second came quickly after the first. It caught me off guard. Suddenly it was just there. It's good that he's getting these teeth because it seems as though his favorite lunch is becoming McD's cheeseburgers and french fries. I sure will be glad when that lunch is not so readily available next week!!
A year ago I didn't have Christopher. To be honest, life before him is nothing but a very dim memory lost in the mist. Maybe my life was easier, but I wouldn't trade what I've got with this child for anything in the world!

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