Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The week from Hades is over...

Why is it that when one thing stresses you out, six more things pile on too? Are stresses magnetic and attract one another or what? I ask this as I reflect on the past week. I was on call for my job. The beginning of the week was irritating. My final day on Sunday was busy and therefore draining. During this week, almost everyone I know was irritating me, annoying me, and generally p***ing me off. If this wasn't the case, then they were turning to me about or talking to me about problems or stressful stuff occuring with them. Because of everything else going on, I was low-energy. I wasn't able to give the support and listening to the level I normally do. It sucked. I didn't have what I wanted to give because there were too many things taking my time, energy, and attention. Don't you just hate that?
The good news is that the week is over. Everything is getting back on track. I hope there's not another week like the last looming anywhere in my near future! Whining is now complete :)

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