Monday, April 04, 2005


Isn't it funny how much I love going to NYC when you factor in just how much I hated it on my very first visit? I spent much of this past weekend there and had a blast.
Friday I felt like a bewitched magpie. I went shopping in the garment district. I went specifically to get beads and crystals for my stitching projects, but found myself being drawn to every bit of colorful fabric and sparklie bits. My husband was so patient. I think he had a good time watching me shop! I could spend days exploring just those few blocks of the city.
After the shopping we headed to Times Square to meet up with some friends. I finally got to meet Giani, our friend's significant other. He was a hoot! We met up at Toys R Us. There Giani was dressed as Willy Wonka complete with crushed top hat and sequined coat and tails! His job there is to take customers, particularly children, skipping through the store on the grand tour. What fun he has. I need to post pics in my webshots album so you can see him in his grand garb!
Next on the agenda? Chelsea pier for a dinner cruise on the Bateaux New York. this boat was amazing! the ceiling and walls were all glass. ( The view of the city at night was magnificent. Add to that wonderful food and a jazz combo. What a delightful dinner! I think my favorite part was cruising right up to Lady Liberty. The captain turned the boat in a series of 360 degree turns. One could view the Lady in all of her illuminated majesty. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any pictures that weren't blurred due to the motion of the boat.
Saturday provided an opportunity to shop in Soho. Window shopping was great. Of course, we HAD to go into the Apple Store, Dean and Delucas, and L'Occitane. We headed up to FAO to experience the new store. "Experience" is the correct word too! The store is a wonderland of interactive shopping. Children and adults as well can have fun shopping there! Check out my webshots ( in the coming days to see some pics. Oh, and I almost forgot, before shopping I had to go to Zaro's in Penn Station for my bagel dog. A visit to NYC without a bagel dog is just not complete.
Saturday night we went to Town Hall to see Garrison Keillor. It was a great show. You can go to to get the overview. My favorite part of the show was a cabaret singer by the name of Maude Maggart. ( She was excellent!
Needless to say, I had a wonderful time in the city. I hope those of you who asked for the details can get a clear picture of the trip. What fun!!

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