Saturday, April 09, 2016

Disney Photos

We came back from Disney with over 3000 photos. I've been sifting through, deleting repetitive shots and those that weren't well composed, blurry, or otherwise "less than." I've managed to trim the collection down to about 2700 so far. I imagine (hope) that I can trim out some more.

Thanks to using Adobe's Lightroom, the process of culling and organizing the photos has been easier than one might think. Am I finished with the task? Nope. I treat it as a fluid process. If I didn't it would become this huge and overwhelming task. What exactly do I mean by fluid process? I pull open the catalog of all stuff Disney. Sometimes I randomly choose or create a keyword, flip through the catalog and apply it to whatever photos fit it. Other times I pick a batch of photos from a certain activity or time period and delete the ones I know I won't miss or use for any purpose. Whatever task I feel like tackling is the one I work on for as long as I want.

What am I going to do with all of these photos? Create a photobook for starters! Here are some of the pages I've done with photos taken in Hollywood Studios:
Layout design inspired by Sketch-N-Scrap Sketch #102. Digital elements came mostly from KellyBell Designs' The Studios kit.

Credits: JWH_MagicVacation (Scrapgirls)
Sketch N Scrap sketch #56

Credits: lpritchett_fromeartoear
LaurieAnnHGD-Magic World
TangieBaxter_splattergraffitti and  YouAreMagnificent

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Lisa in Texas said...

Sounds like an awesome time, your photos are wonderful and your layouts spectacular! Thanks for joining us at Sketch N Scrap!