Monday, May 07, 2012

Mist-ical Magic

Mists are everywhere lately. There are many different companies and options out there.  Tattered Angels offers lots of shimmers with translucent color in their GlimmerMist line. Their Chalkboard line offers that same shimmer with slightly more opaque color. Ranger makes Perfect Pearl Mist that gives you shimmer without the underlying color.  Want some color without the shimmer? Ranger has Adirondack color washes. Think the color washes are pretty but you want something more opaque? Check out Studio Calico’s Mr. Huey mists.  There are many more companies that produce some form of mistable ink and more are popping up everyday. Shimelle has a great Glitter Girl video that compares several different brands of mist.  The big question is: How does one use mists in scrapbooking, art journaling, or card making.

Check out these links to get you started:

Misting techniques

Layered Masking Technique

on a card:

how to make your own:

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