Monday, July 25, 2011

Favorites of today

It's been a fun first day of WITL. I was a bit anxious and concerned about what I was going to document. I didn't need to be---I took a ton of photos. How many exactly? I'm not sure. I know there are more than 100. I've weeded them out and chose my two favorites (I think).

I like this one because it feels...I don't know, artistic I guess.

This one I like because it shows Christopher's pure joy at riding his bike. I just put the training wheels on today. We've been trying to teach him to balance, but to no avail. I just gave in and put on the trainers.

I think my favorite cuteness was tonight. We were painting. He heard the sounds of the crickets and cicadas. He asked me what was making the sound. After a bit he looked at me and said "No mommy. I think it's a kinkajou. They are nocturnal you know." Where does this child get these things? Must be Diego.

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E said...

Just love the first photo... it fanastic... your son looks so happy riding his bike. What a wonderful two photos you have picked to choose to represent your first day!