Thursday, February 14, 2013

Inspiration Sparks

Christopher decided to make his valentines this year. He inked and stamped like a little pro. For being 6, he did a great job. There was one problem though, we needed a teacher's valentine. Since Christopher chose to use shipping tags for his card base, I decided to hop on over to Tim Holtz's site and check out the February 2013 tag. I loved it! Here's Tim's:
My problem: I had almost none of the supplies that he used. I thought about using a regular playing card, but that wouldn't have given me the vibe I wanted to achieve. I then decided to do a search for vintage valentines--didn't find any images that spoke to me. My mind was spinning--trying to come up with a solution...and then I searched for vintage queen of hearts. That did the trick! While I didn't find any images that I wanted to use as they were, I found plenty of inspiration. After thinking through and pulling stuff from my stash, I came up with this:
I created my very own Queen of Hearts card using some of Tim's stamps, a heart stamp, embossing powder, a stick pin, Ranger's enamel, and some distress inks. I didn't have any of the kraft core seasonal impressions so I created my own with distress powder, stamps, and distress ink. I created the charm using a page pebble, cardstock, and some chit chat stickers. Overall I am very happy with the finished project---so much so that I wanted to keep it!!! I hope his teacher appreciates this little piece of art. Since she is a scrapbooker, I think she will.


Buffy Esser said...

such a great idea...I think it came out wonderful...I'm sure she will love it!

Winnie said...

She will love it for sure! I love the use of the dressform and how you made your own card. Very creative. I didn't have the large stamp either so had to play around with it.