Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fill in the gaps!

I am totally loving my album class over at Lately we've been discussing upgrade albums vs. chronological albums. The thought here is that there are some events that we tend to take a lot of photos and scrap many pages. When all of these pages are included in our chronological albums, it tends to skew the entire album. Basically, you pull all of the layouts from that one event, minus one or two, and put them into their own album. The one or two that stay in your chronological album show that the event occurred in that year. Add a little note to your page that directs the reader to the other album.

My main focus during this class has been Christopher's baby albums. They are a mess! There are tons of gaps. I also have 3 of them. One is a "formal" baby book/album (think firsts and milestones), one was put together by my SIL. She totally understood that those first several months were crazy and left me no room for scrap time. The third is the everything else album. It has been quite a process to go through the three albums and identify gaps. Sometimes it is a complete gap in time. Other times it is a gap in the story of the time. I've carefully gone through my photos and the albums in an attempt to cover everything I want preserved. Sometimes this might mean I have layouts in each album with photos from the same day, maybe even the same photo---but each one focuses on a different aspect.

The other albums from years beyond Christopher's first are in better form. I have more things already scrapped. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'll find plenty of gaps to fill--I am so totally NOT a chronological scrapper. I don't expect I'll find as many or have quite the complicated process.

Stay tuned for more to come in my ongoing saga!

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