Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trick or Treat!

My all time favorite photo from last night's trick or treat extravaganza:
We had so much fun! I piled on the makeup and glitter, added some temporary tattoos and a witch hat to join in the costume festivities. A friend of mine saw this pic and said I looked like a prostitute LOL! (Thanks Judy!) This was the first Halloween in a long time that C actually got to go t-o-ting in our neighborhood. Usually, we have a hockey game. We met up with two of his friends and their moms to hit the streets. Along the way, people would ask Chef Christopher to whip them up a treat. He willingly obliged and produced imaginary eggs, cookies, and pizza. Later on, C handed out candy to his fellow t-o-t revelers. I think he had almost as much fun handing out as getting treats.

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