Tuesday, August 02, 2011

color theory failure--or rebel

This week's theme in the explore class is all about color theory and how we use color in scrapbooking. For me, color is a big deal. It influences everything that I do. I can literally influence my mood simply by surrounding myself, or in the case of clothing, covering myself in different colors.

Our first task was to choose our favorite color. Mine is purple--at least now. When I was young, my favorite was pink. I think it fit into the whole princess ideal. My bedroom was strawberry pink. Somewhere in early adolescence, my color focus shifted to blue. I even painted my bedroom blue. To me, at the time, I equated blue with the sky, freedom, and calm. I still do actually. As a young adult my color choice shifted to purple. I guess it makes sense---if you mix pink and blue you will get a shade of purple. To me, purple is meditative, spiritual, intuitive, and regal.

Yesterday I posted a question on FB asking what color others associated with me. So far I've gotten one response---PURPLE! I'm curious to see what other responses might come.

My second favorite color is lime green--go figure that the car I just bought is close to a lime color! To me, lime green is energizing, healing, and fun. I'm not sure when this preference for green arose, but I don't think it will change anytime soon.

Today's assignment for Explore focused on creating our own color dictionary. Upon completion of this task, we were directed to a color theory website I looked at the site, took the quiz, and failed miserably. I guess it is a good thing that I have never pursued art in a formal class situation. I am a firm believer that color is a personal interpretation that can change with life experience.

I pose a question am I a color failure or a color rebel? You decide.

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