Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 things on the tenth

This is my first attempt at ten things on the tenth. There's no particular theme here, just randomness.

1. Windchimes--the sound of magic--capturing the wind.

2. Spiderwebs are the magical, intricate constructions that capture my imagination.

3. Graffiti--not normally something I appreciate, but sometimes it makes you think.

4. Running water is so calming.

5. All doors tell a story--what does yours say?

6. Anything can be art. It's all in how you view it.

7. Flowers blowing in the breeze remind me of the importance of being flexible.

8. In all things there is always a choice--one just may not always recognize it.

9. Truth is a one way street.

10. Always remember to take time to play.


Queenie said...

Hi Crystal
beautiful thoughtful post that i loved reading and seeing!!!

Crystal said...

Thanks Queenie! It was all actually a happy accident/coincidence.