Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photo sample of WITL Day 2

Yesterday(Tuesday) was day two of my WITL. I took 51 photos--less than half of what I did on day one. I had been concerned about that fact but then just left it go. What's the point of doing this if I'm going to stress?

Here are a few samples of my photos:
This is my son and his puppy on the way to daycare.

I spent some time gardening last evening. These are my gardening flip flops.

This is the funky way my son was sitting watching tv and drinking some chocolate milk right before bedtime.

I have put together the digital piece of my first Monday page. I will print this, mount it on a 12x12 cardstock and add any additional embellishments (including the word create which sums up the overall tone of the day.

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