Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Snow is Blowing

December already and Christmas is around the corner. Someone kicked time into full warp speed I swear! I can see the snowflakes floating past my office window. It makes things so pretty. Unfortunately, none of it has amounted to much, stayed around long, or was good to play in.

I haven't had much opportunity to practice with my DSLR. I have been taking more classes though--photo editing, creative inspiration, and advanced digi scrapbooking. The creativity bug has its claws firmly entrenched and will not let go this time! LOL!

So many things to do and never enough time to do everything! Lately I've been looking to the holiday and trying to get everything done with as little stress as possible. I've had a little success in that area---little being the key word there. I am way ahead of the game this year though---our tree has been up since the beginning of the month. Usually it's a last minute scramble to get it up in enough time before Christmas to make it worth the labor. For years I've done a purple and blue tree. This year I switched it up a bit and used white LED "twinkle" lights and white garland. There are also some blue LED lights as well. I wanted to go more traditional with popcorn and cranberry strings for garland. No one else in the house was buying it though.

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