Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ho Ho Ho.....maybe

Life doesn't stop for holidays. I wish it did, but that's just not how
it works. We started Christmas Eve Day with a doctor's visit for
Christopher. Turns out that he hasn't had an ear infection at all. His
doctor is now convinced that all of the respiratory stuff Christopher's
had over the last two months is allergy/asthma related. It has built up
fluid behind his eardrums. After doing a tympanogram , we discovered
that his right ear drum doesn't respond to sound/pressure normally and
the left doesn't respond at all. There's not much we can do right now.
We have to wait until the specialist's office re-opens next week so
that a referral can be made. I'm hoping that getting tubes inserted and
having the excess fluid drained does the trick without any residual
hearing loss. DH isn't dealing well with the news. I keep telling him
to not panic. This situation--with what information we had--is easily
addressed. We're NOT dealing with a life-threatening and debilitating disease.

Anyway...Christmas went well. Christopher enjoyed opening presents in the morning. He absolutely loved his Thomas the Tank Wooden Railway. "ommeee" is his new favorite word. We went to my parents' home for the traditional Turkey dinner. Of course, we had waaayyyy too much good food. We exchanged gifts and then DH had to go off to work. All said and done, we arrived home around 5:30 pm with one very tired little boy in tow. Now the trick is getting everything organized, the v-smile hooked up to the tv, and the internet baby thing from C's aunt installed on the computer.

Oh what fun it is to...

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