Thursday, March 10, 2005

Rainbows and lollipops

Why is it, that as children, everywhere we looked we saw rainbows and secret treasure? Lollipops brightened our day and made the world right. We looked at weeds and saw beautiful flowers. As adults, we don't see these things and sometimes question their existence. We minimize, overlook, and say that these things are for kids. If that's the case, I want to be a kid--forever!

I want to see magic in the world...everywhere I look. I want to laugh and play and dance. I want to blow the dandilion seed heads and laugh as they float--not think about how am I going to keep those pesky weeds out of my garden and lawn. I want to lay in the grass, look at the clouds in the sky and use my imagination to see what shapes I find--and not worry about getting dirty or how I'm going to wash the grass stains out of my clothes. I want to blow bubbles and make wishes on them before they pop--not think about how slippery the soap makes the patio. I want to fingerpaint and not wonder how I'm going to get all of the paint out from under my fingernails.

Each of us has a child inside. Some of us have buried him or her very deep. I challenge you to find that child. Bring her out into the sunlight to play. Search the in-betweens to find a fairy who will give you some fairydust. Sprinkle it on. Think a happy thought and fly to Neverland just for awhile. There is magic in the world. See it. Feel it. Live it. There are rainbows after every storm--if you look for them. Lollipops always help you feel better. And yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. Life is better with a little magic

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