Monday, March 14, 2005

Being Royal...

You may have noticed that on this page I am "Princess Crystal". It's not that I'm full of myself. It's just a thing I sometimes do to make my day more fun. My given name, Crystal Anne, means "fine royalty". Add to that, I am my daddy's princess. It really isn't that I'm spoiled. Most of my life, for reasons beyond my control, I've often felt like it was my dad and I against the world. I'm there for him and he more than returns the favor. When he can, he pampers me. He's always believed I deserved my heart's desire and has encouraged me to go after it. College is a huge example. Both of my parents have always been very supportive. That brings me to my mom. When you look at everything my mom has been through with all of her health issues, it is amazing that she is still with us. Only a queen could persevere like that. Since her strokes, she can, at times, be very forceful in stating what she wants. To take the frustration out of dealing with this, I've turned it into a joke and say "The Queen commandeths..." If my mother is the Queen, then I am, indeed, the Princess. When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade!! In this realm, every time I turn my cell phone on, and when life is getting me down, I become the Princess. There you have it. Everyone should have a place in life to be royal.

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